God: An Autobiography, As Told to a Philosopher

God Book Cover

“An atheist philosopher finds himself in a surprising series of conversations with God. . . . A captivating religious dialogue for the modern age.” Kirkus Reviews


Jerry L. Martin was a life-long agnostic. But he was interested in the big questions. He studied the great thinkers from Plato to Wittgenstein, and became a professor.

Since Descartes, philosophy has been dominated by doubt. It has questioned whether we really know what we think we know, even whether it is possible to know anything at all.

It is a tradition that goes back to the Greek skeptics. And it fit Martin’s temperament, which was to withhold judgment until sufficient evidence was in. Like the skeptics, he had never believed in certainty, not even in mathematics.

Then he had an experience he could not doubt …

God: An Autobiography, As Told to a Philosopher

by Jerry L. Martin


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